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Doors of Deception Radio-Guest: William Ramsey

Original Air Date: March 29, 2011

Transforming your Perception of the Deception

“Prophet of Evil, Aleistar Crowley, 911, and the New World Order”

William Ramsey author of “Prophet of Evil Aleistar Crowley 911 and the New World Order” joins me for a riveting interview! William’s DVD by the same name as well as the DVD “Occult Hollywood” are exposing the dark side of life in the world of politics, film, and entertainment. He has also released the documentary movie on DVD titled “Occult Hollywood” If you haven’t heard of Aleistar Crowley, he is the dark magician behind many of today’s rock and roll bands, film makers, politicians, religion and the new age. His numerical symbology is written all over the events of 9/11….as William will discuss with me tonight. Please join us for an eye opening, doors of deception revealing night of lively discussion and thought provoking dialogue.WILLIAM RAMSEY’S His books and DVD’s are available on his web site as well as Amazon.
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