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  1. Daniel

    May 11, 2011 at 6:09 pm


    Oh my goodness Dori, that stuff you were saying about the “third temple” being more about the “temples of our hearts”, and people inviting the “Satanic holy spirit” into their hearts, involving something to do with DNA manipulation/hybridization, etc…

    Dang… Last year, when God was first opening my eyes to all sorts of stuff around the “NWO” and the coming Deception, etc., I had this same thought “smack me in the face”, after learning what people like David Wilcox were saying about the coming 2012 “mass psychic awakening”, and then thinking about it all through the lens of Russ Dizdar’s warnings about the “Black Awakening”…

    I REALLY DO think there is something really key in all of this. I mean, so many people who are “followng prophecy” are so focused on waiting for the physical temple to be rebuilt (and like you said, I think that’s certainly a possibility…) but at the same time, this idea of a “false Holy Spirit”, or a “Satanic pentecost” just makes so much sense to me…

    Satan is always counterfeiting what God has made and what God has done. The Old Testament temple was a “type and shadow”, something that represented a “bigger picture”. After Christ rose from the dead and ascended to heaven and the Holy Spirit came, THAT is what became the most destructive weapon against the Enemy, the power of God and the authority of Christ given to everyone who believes…

    It just makes sense to me that Satan would counterfeit this, and involve some kind of massive outpouring of demonization in his rise to global power, whereby all of a sudden vast amounts of people are suddenly experiencing the kinds of things that for most of history has only been experienced by a relatively select few who have had direct involvement in the occult…

    The more I think about it, the more I go, “How could Satan reveal himself and have all the nations knowingly worship him, and not have everyone be totally demonized…?” How can you worship Satan and not open the “doors of deception”…?

    Anyhow, good, good stuff!


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