Doors of Deception Radio-Peter Kling! Author of “Letters to Earth”. (Episode 3)

08 Mar

Welcome Peter Kling! Peter is the author of “Letters to Earth” about surviving Armageddon! As a young man, Peter walked through many doorways and learned many things, one of them was remote viewing. He then remote viewed Armageddon, and it affected him greatly…what he saw was so terrifying he wished he hadn’t seen the events that he did. He began to have contact with “aliens” and demons who took him to very dark places. Peter didn’t in his words, “recruit easily” praise God…as he battled these dark entities and found them to be liars, deceivers, and wanted to devour his soul. Peter found the key to defeating these dark messengers. He wrote this book to inform all of us that we can survive Armageddon, as many of us know; as God always preserves a remnant. How can you be considered in the remnant that God preserves through all the terror and tribulation? Listen and hear Peter tell his story…and hear him shine the light into the darkest of dark corners! The show is this Tuesday March 8th. For more about Peter go to his website:

LISTEN LIVE! Starting @ 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern.

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