The Kingdom Of The Blind

15 Feb

Written By: Dori Lynn Etheridge

Here we are sharing the kingdom of the Earth, what part of the kingdom do you serve? Do you serve the God of Creation, or his fallen counterpart, Satan? Are you completely sure whom you are serving?

There are many lies with many faces being propagated in the kingdom, Some are sold as Light, Masters, Gurus, Shaman, and Gaiai, the earth herself, there are many false Christs. The Christ Consciousness, Jesus Sananda, Angels, and the Extra Terrestrial gods that claim to have seeded us here and are back now to help us through this difficult time in human history. So many paths, so many choices most birthed from Hindu or the New Age movement. Are you serving gods who are blue with 6 arms, or a goddess of one name or another? Do you know that if you are not serving the Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth you are serving Satan by default? If you believe that being a good person ensures your place in heaven, you may want to examine some truth from the Guidebook to the Supernatural, or better known as, the Bible.

Many will be turned off now, but if you are working with any other type of worship and using crystals, celebrating earth based seasons with their corresponding gods and goddesses, or the ascended masters, reiki, energy healing with chakras you are worshipping something other than Jesus Christ. Is that okay with you? Is there any doubt in you that these things may not lead to eternal life in the Kingdom of God? Because if there is any little tiny seed of doubt, there are some things you need to examine. You truly do need to be a seeker of the truth.

There are many out there who have ascended lies to the heights of heaven, and left you following fallen truths.
When Satan comes to call on you, looking for payment of powers he has given you, like psychic and healing abilitlies it gets very, very ugly. Here is where I speak from the truth of my experience….I was involved in the new age movement for over 20 years and when demons began to attack me nightly plunging me into pain and despair, I realized that I had been serving the wrong god, the wrong Jesus.

I am going to post some links to a few radio shows I’ve done that will allow you to listen to my testimony of what happened to me while I was deeply involved in energy healing, shamanism, pagan holidays, magic, the secret, and the other roads that criss cross the new age movement.

It has been said, that in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king. The one eye in this false kingdom is the third eye and all the attention that is paid to it, to opening it, using it, experiencing it…it is the one eye in the kingdom of the blind. If you don’t truly find the truth, you may become part of the kingdom of the blind, and the dead. Please listen to these pod casts keep seeking the true God is waiting for you.–013–dori-etheridge–never-let-go

May you be richly blessed by some part of this testimony.

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One response to “The Kingdom Of The Blind

  1. Barry Meyer

    February 22, 2011 at 1:51 am

    Hey Dori just wanted to drop by and say Hello. Way to go!


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