The Amazing Work of God In Action; Miraculous Surprises

14 Feb

Written By: Dori Lynn Etheridge



The screams that wake me and my husband are my own. “They” have taken me again, to a deep, dark cavern and the Beast that sits on a black throne there is winged, and horned and looks much like Baphomet. My hip is nearly dislocated, my husband gently helps me push it gently back into place. “They” are taking me at night, and tearing me limb from limb, or raping me repeatedly. The pain that wracks my body every day is real, it’s debilitating to the point I haven’t been able to work for a year. It’s no joke, the Dr.’s say it’s Fibromyalgia, They don’t know about the dreams, I like my life, not interested in one of their “vacations”. All the Shamanic, new age, crystal children, reiki healers that I know cannot do anything. They all see the dark that clings to me, but they are powerless over it, and I suffer on. It is the way of the wounded healer some say, and indeed, I am an initiated Shaman. Initiated by a contemporary of one of the very well known new age gurus of the day, and it is he in fact who accompanies me on these dark, nocturnal trips.

I had spent the last twenty years studying the occult and new age teachings of many so called “masters”. I had been in a coven at one time and in fact still observed the pagan holidays. I had studied “Enochian Magic“, “The Key of Soloman“, “The Goetia“, Santeria, Voodoo, “Angelic Magic”, Tarot, Crowely, Dee, Virtue, Melchizedek, Braden, Tsarion, Sitchen, Buckland, Villodo, even LaVey, and Kabbalah. I was a “seer”, psychic, intuitive, healer, dream worker, ET contactee, and Light Worker…it was all going on. Oh man, was it going on.

The ET’s had re-established contact. They were downloading a language that looked much like hieroglyphs into my head at night while I tried to sleep. We were making crop circles, and the good ones were protecting me from the bad ones that were always looking for me. They were very tall about 7ft and blue, lanky fellows and we walked along the designs we had put into the crops while they counseled me on what was going to happen in the world in the years to come. What I had deemed “plasma beings” were wandering all over my house in and out they were my “guides”. They were shimmering rainbow type things that didn’t have much shape…but you could see them shimmering, shimmering through the walls and out the other side. A couple of my friends could see them behind me when we “Skyped”. One friend decided to not be my friend anymore when one of these “plasma” beings jumped through the computer and into his house! He felt it, it scared him, I told him to put himself in a sphere of light. I would later learn that these beings are called the “Nakesh” which means shining ones.

I had flung almost every door open wide, although I wouldn’t know this for a time yet. There was one thing I would not do; hence the torture. I would not serve them or their god, they told me I was every god that had ever lived including lucifer, so there was no need to be afraid, just come, step through the portal they were all waiting on the other side. But I wouldn’t, they promised me things, they promised me I’d be rich, they promised to stop the pain. I didn’t care about being rich but I was kind of interested in ending this excruciating pain. They had me with one hook, but not the other….I’m sure they were trying to find that second hook, and exhausted from constant pain, they were wearing me out. Crushed, depressed and hopeless I began to contemplate their offer.

So, having chronic pain, I didn’t sleep much so I got a subscription to Coast to Coast where they talked about all the things that I was deeply immersed in, and new things to check out. Chasing rabbits down into their holes was my passion, my hobby in fact…it had become my life.

So, on this night in December of 2009 the guy who is a guest on Coast to Coast says “ET’s are the Nephilim, the Fallen Angels”.  “NOOO!“ my mind screamed, while my hair stood on end. I knew that I knew that I knew-Shemash! This guy was right, he was onto something. Then he starts talking about a woman he had interviewed that was told to go outside and take pictures at 3 a.m. by these entities that were communicating with her. OH MY! I had been directed by my entities to do the very same thing, at the very same time, 3 a.m. Now I sat bolt upright, and clicked on the link to his web site I had to find this guidebook to the supernatural he kept talking about. Who was this guy??? I went to his web site….no book by that name, as I’m listening he says “.. the bible“. What? I have one of those! So I got out my bible and started to read Genesis 6 and some other scripture he gave out. I looked over his site, read a few of his Blogs, and I liked his voice. He announced he was going to be on another radio show the following week, and I wrote it down.

The attacks didn’t stop over the next couple of weeks they got worse but I kept listening to this guy even though he was a Christian, he had done his homework. I had always appreciated intelligence and academia.

Finally a week or so later, at the end of my everything; wracked with pain, depression, sorrow and losing my will to live because “They” were still beating me down, I wrote an e-mail to this guy and wondered if he answered his e-mails, oh well it was worth a try.

I told him my sordid tale the one I’ve just told you. Guess what? This guy wrote me back! He said “ Your only hope is to destroy anything occult related like tarot cards and books, magical implements etc…cut off all contact with those involved in the occult and any one who summons UFO’s. Get down on your knees and repent for all that you have done and give your life over to the Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I will be praying for you. ! Wow- What a Guy! On December 31, 2009 that is exactly what I did. Right on my living room floor after I opened the e-mail! Thank You, Mr. Lynn Anthony Marzulli! My life has not been the same Praise the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth! They don’t take me anymore, though they’ve tried, the pain is getting better and better the Lord is healing me day by day.

Lynn; it was your passion, knowledge and faith; steadfast at your “lonely post”. God is working, using what you do to bring others to the Lord Jesus Christ-Jeshua. Continue on, “Oh intrepid explorer”, because of you, I am born again.

I spent the last twenty years reading every arcane, esoteric, metaphysical book I could get my hands on. I will spend the rest of my days on this Earth reading the only book that I can hang my eternal soul upon…that wonderful, awesome, amazing-Guidebook to the Supernatural. God Bless You!


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5 responses to “The Amazing Work of God In Action; Miraculous Surprises

  1. april

    February 17, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Glad to see that you are spreading this knowledge. There is a wonderful book that you might be able to use as a “tool” in your outreach program called
    “The Omega Conspiracy” by Dr. I.D. E. Thomas. He is a college professor and former BBC News Correspondent and he lays it all out with highly insightful answers for the hard questions that will inevitably come up when this subject is discussed.

  2. Doors Of Deception

    February 17, 2011 at 7:08 pm


    Thank you for reading and for the comment! That book from Dr. Thomas is one of many that I want to read. I know it has inspired many including one of my favorite authors/speakers on the subject, LA Marzulli. I’m curious, what’s your involvement (or story, testimony etc) with all of this?


  3. Daniel

    May 11, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Wow Dori! Praise God… I just recently listened to the show you did with Dizdar and L.A., and it was great. I could from a few of your comments that you had definitely come out of some serious spiritual bondage, and now it is so cool to read about the stuff that Jesus set you free from…

    Your description of the baphomet-looking Beast that sat on the throne sounds incredibly similar to the description given by Bill Schnoebelen of his experiences in the “cathedral of pain”… Not sure if you’ve heard of him, but he had a rather similar background, someone who more or less had sampled almost every sort of occultic platter out there… He has spoken about the “enochian magic”, and a lot of the other “deep” stuff… (the “Necronomican”, “transyugothian magic”…)

    Anyways, I’ve been listening to a lot of Marzulli lately, and it’s pretty crazy how the more you look into it all, the more you see the undeniable connection between the occult, and the whole E.T. thing…

    At this point, I feel like I understand pretty well the whole “magic/New Age” thing, in the sense that we’re talking about spirit beings and altered states of consciousness…

    But what I don’t understand so much is how when you get into looking at the E.T. stuff, how all of a sudden we’re again talking about spiritual (inter/dimensional) beings, but also physical creatures (“greys” or whatever) and physical craft…

    Guess I’m going on a little rant here, sorry about that… I guess overall I’m just struggling to understand where the “boundaries” are when it comes to the whole question of physical vs. spiritual. Not sure if you have anything to say about that, but regardless, I’m looking forward to listening to more of your shows, and hearing from your perspective as someone who the Lord has delivered right out of Satan’s palm…

    Glad you started the blog and the show…

    Blessings, Daniel

    • Doors Of Deception

      May 11, 2011 at 5:43 pm

      Thank you Daniel for your kind words of gratitude about the show and the blog. I’ve been busy and really need to update the blog which I hope to do today. Here is what I have to say about spirit beings, ET, etc. The ET abduction phenomena looks eerily similar to the accounts from the middle ages of demon possession. There are physical manifestations to the one being attacked and even though others in the room may not see them they leave physical marks. Dave Hunt who is a Pastor, researcher and documentary film maker points out that even during hypnosis (which he nor anyone I know recommend) if a person encounters a “spirit” being and the being attacks them during the session, when they come out of the hypnosis they will have marks, claw marks, bruises, words carved into their skin and things like that. The case of the demon possessed boy which the movie the “Exorcist” was based on started having words carved onto his stomach area. This happened after he had played with a ouija board. These demons, fallen angels etc. will use any doorway they can find to gain access to someone which is why it’s important not to dabble with any of the doorways. This is also what inspired the name of the radio show; Doors of Deception. These “things” exist in the second heaven for right now and have the ability to manifest here. I don’t know if this helps you understand it better or not. These things will appear as ET, beautiful angels, greys, insectoid creatures and eventually they will show their demonic ugliness if you “don’t recruit easily”. They also have to show their real selves if they are asked by you to do so as Johanna Michaelson writes about in her book, “The Beautiful Side of Evil”. Russ Dizdar did a series of teachings in April about these beings which in Ephesians 6:12 states, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the full armor of God……”. Russ describes each of them as they are known by their Greek names, Planos, Kosmokraters, Ponerias Pneumaticai (sp), and there is one more and I cannot remember the name right now. This series is on Russ’s archives at and it is the series on the “Species” of these things and what their characteristics are and how to identify them. So I would suggest listening to that series. God bless you and I pray that you are blessed by the show. The Lord called me to do it to help reach those that are in the same darkness I was in; the darkness that masquerades as an angel of light. You can listen to part one and part two of my testimony on with Minister Dante Fortson it is listed as Dori Lynn’s Testimony and it was done in March I think, many people have written to Dante saying they had been blessed by it, and the second part got over 30,000 downloads which blew Dante away! See God will use what He chooses to reach others and I think many people these days have someone the know and love trapped in some form of the new age lie.

      I know who Bill Schnoebelin is and I’ve listened to almost all of his testimony and yes, I sampled nearly everything on the occult platter except the human/animal sacrifice and drinking human blood. The demons love any kind of occult practice they flock to it just waiting to opress or possess those practicing it. I’m going to try and get Bill on the show some time.

      God bless you, Daniel,
      Dori Lynn

      • Daniel

        May 11, 2011 at 6:21 pm

        Thanks so much for the response Dori… Your answer makes a lot of sense. I guess I more or less understand the concept of all these beings being “physical”, yet of another dimension, and that the more we “open the doorways” between these dimensions, the more they are able to physically interact with us…

        I think the part where I was still sorta confused was with the question of whether or not things like the “greys” are only making themselves “appear” that way, or if they are really just a certain species of demon that actually looks like that… For a long time I just thought that it was just demons who making themselves look that way, but now I keep hearing people (Marzulli being one) who seem to suggest that they are actually “flesh and blood” (or at least “flesh”, not sure if they have blood…) beings who literally have big heads, almond-shaped eyes, etc., and that their “spacecraft” are literal, physical objects (albeit from another dimension…)

        Maybe it’s not an answer that really makes a huge difference in the end, because either way, we know they’re totally demonic and going to be a big “piece of the puzzle” in the establishment of the Anti-Christ’s kingdom…

        Thanks for the dizdar tip, I’ll go check that out…


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